Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Full Repair Styling Spray |JOHN FRIEDA

So if you haven't already heard John Frieda early this year brought out the 'full repair' range. These products are meant to improve over worked and damaged hair.
The product I am reviewing is the 'style creator heat activated styling spray.'

Naturally my hair is ash blond, so to lighten it up I have half a head of foil highlights every 8 weeks.
Everyone knows peroxide isn't good for anybodies hair, so being the obsessive product trier that I am, I am constantly looking on blogs, websites and Youtube for a great  inexpensive hair protector. I have used cream and sprays from numerous brands, but it's got to be said this one I really feel makes a difference.
I apply up to 6-8 sprays onto damp hair. I feel the spray is quite light and doesn't give your hair that sticky coated feeling that's other brands do.
I dry my hair as quick as possible most days and just using a big barrelled brush to curl under my fringe and ends. Once dry I don't really tend to do much styling, some times I curl or wave my hair with a curling tong. Every time when we use a heat appliance on our hair such as straighteners, curling tongues and wavers, we are damaging our hair, the ends will show the damage by splitting or getting fine and rat tail like. However I have definitely noticed my hair feeling stronger and not as many fly aways. My hair is fine and limp at the best of times, so when it gets longer, it can look scraggy (not a good look) 
To sum up this  product does what it says on the tin!
It protects your hair from heat, when your applying heat tools onto your hair. Its safe for coloured and chemically treated hair so any hair type can use this. No matter what your hair type is you should be using a heat protector spray as no one needs or wants damaged hair due to styling with a heat tool.
If your hair is really weak and chemically damaged then I would suggest using all of the range, so shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and perfect ends deep infusion products.
You will see your hair becoming healthier and much easier to manage.
For less than £6 a product you can easily achieve the hair style that you want without permanently damaging it. I think I will struggle to find a heat protecting spray that I like as much as I do this one.


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Bye for now.
Regan Chelsea

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