Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nail varnish of the day |Street Beige by Avon

Today's nail of the day is Avon's Street beige, so it's not the brightest or funkiest shade and to some probably a bit plain. It's an very pale beige, off white colour. But to me this is such a pretty nude colour, it's the most neutral colour I have ever had on my nails and I was unsure to use this as my skin is quite pale too. But be assured it looks really effective. If you like earthy and neutral colours on your nails then this may be for you.
I bought this polish out of the Avon catalogue (along with a few other neutral shades) as I was starting a new job and being unsure of the regulations of nails being painted etc. I was wanting some shades that weren't too loud and wouldn't be too noticeable. To be honest this was the one I was least enthusiastic to try as I am use to more bold shades, as in my previous job loud nail polish wasn't an issue.
I used up to three coats to get the solid colour I was after, which is usually what I apply with most shades.
It's in the speed dry range, which is fab and needless to say quick!
So if I have inspired you to get some street beige in your life and onto your nails, visit
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